Do Casino Advertisements Contribute to Gambling Addiction?

When we open websites, we often see advertisements on the side or even pop-up ads that promote gambling. Are these gambling sites being socially responsible? Anyone could be on these websites and could get exposed to these ads. The ones that are more likely to fall prey for such advertisements are minors because they are curious and adults who already have a gambling problem.

gambling problem

Unrealistic hopes

The call-to-action ads are an easy gateway to such websites. These compelling ads tend to lure the audience and make them want to click on the ads. The gambling advertisements use attractive images and pictures of people with a lot of money, and this makes one curious to click and see what is on the other side.

Glorifying gambling and making it seem like it is a glamourous activity, the audience is fooled to believe that they can win big without losing any money. A single coin in a slot machine is shown, and they tell people that this single coin is enough to win a jackpot. By showing ordinary people winning big, they build up unrealistic expectations in people.

Advertising gambling as a job

Gambling advertisements also tend to target the youth that does not have a source of income. They show gambling as a way to earn a regular income. They do not speak of the risk factor and the money that they might lose, but they portray the deposit they make as a small investment to win big in the future. They also target the ones who have a job and ask generic questions about job satisfaction. Gambling advertisements make gambling look like a way to earn money by just sitting at home easily. They make it seem effortless, and this might lure the youth to spend all that they earn on gambling which might also turn into an addiction.

gambling Job

Affect Minors

Minors are the ones that use laptops, computers and mobile phones to access websites to play or download games. While they are doing this, they might come across advertisements for casino games, and they might click on it because they find it flashy and attractive. They tend to think of this as a game, and once they find out that they can earn money, they get tempted to try it out. But the downside of this is that this builds a bad habit in them and they might even get addicted at a very young age which is dangerous.

Gambling advertisements are known to mislead with their fantasies and dreams. Everybody gets attracted when they see a lot of money, and the advertisers use this weakness and make money out of it. With captions that say that you could be the next winner or you could win truckloads of money, it is more likely that one would want to try their luck.

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